About Us

Constanze Heissel

  • Favorite recipe with our yogurt:
    Lemon Torte
  • On a lazy Sunday, you find me…
    …on the beach or in the mountains
  • Which book are you currently reading?
    “Head Strong” by Dave Asprey
  • This is how I stay in shape:
    CrossFit all the way!!!
  • I suck at:

Arne Heissel

  • Favorite recipe with our yogurt:
    Straight from the jar
  • My favorite cheat food:
    Spaghetti Bolognese
  • On a lazy Sunday, I…
    …sleep in and spend time in nature
  • Which book are you currently reading?
    “The Maiden King”, Bly & Woodman
  • This is how I stay in shape:
    Kundalini Yoga & functional fitness

Our Story

Constanze has a University degree in business administration and has worked for many years in brand management supporting various industries including the healthcare industry. She always had a passion for healthy clean eating. Arne is a PhD in economics and has worked in academia, non-for profit organizations and for the leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies as an expert in clinical and health economic value creation and technology assessments. He has business traveled the world and is grateful for the many learnings, impressions and amazing people he has met during this journey.

We continue to believe that there can be an important role for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but…. A few years ago I, Arne, was suffering from a chronically inflamed body leading to many infections, back pain and tendonitis. I was for many years on high doses of drugs, which helped me to control symptoms but which had negative impact on my gut health. A vicious circle started. The breakthrough came after my chiropractor suggested a change in my diet. A Whole30 program later, I felt already much better and today it is my third year without taking any drug. The scientist in me made me start to research the role of the human microbiome on health. I am absolutely fascinated by what I have learned and together with Constanze, we decided to dedicate our future career to providing solutions for and educating on a healthy microbiome. Living Cultures Superfoods was born! It is one of our main ambitions that our product formulation follows the latest scientific knowledge on a healthy gut wherever possible.